Fall 2023 Training Schedule

(Fall 2023 Training Schedule TBA)

Training slots are run throughout the Fall and Winter semesters over Zoom and in person outside near the University of Toronto, and end when the roster is finalized.

The training slots are two hours long, and are composed of two components:  90 minutes dedicated to weight training, and 30 minutes dedicated to cardio.  

Each training slot is run by veteran members of the team – regardless of your experience in the gym, our trainers will ensure that you can make the most out of your workout.  

On Saturday mornings, the team comes together to train, typically outdoors in Queen’s Park, if the weather allows it.  Like regular training slots, our trainers will be waiting 10 minutes before the slot begins, but will instead be waiting at Queen’s Park in New Dragons gear.

We recommend joining us for Saturday practices as well as for at least one training slot during the rest of the week – this allows us to get to know you, and to keep up on your training and development.  Remember to talk to a trainer after each slot so we can record your attendance!

How to Attend a Training Slot

Simply show up to the gym at the given time of a training slot! But it is recommended to join our discord server to communicate before coming, so that you know where to find us in the gym!

How to Attend Saturday Practices

For Saturday practices, we meet at Queen’s Park ten minutes before practice is scheduled to begin. On Saturdays, this is at 9:50AM. Look for our trainers in New Dragons gear.  Remember to join our discord for announcements and changes to our Saturday practice plans!