The 2004 dragon boat season brought significant changes for the New Dragons. Under the leadership of Jean-Guy LeBlanc, the New Dragons made a giant leap from being a midlevel university team to securing a position among the top ranked university teams in Eastern Canada. Showing consistently competitive performance against university rivals, silver metals were secured at both the Pickering and Toronto festivals, and the team took home the Education Cup at the Great White North Dragon Boat Challenge.

The end of this successful season would be bittersweet. It would be the last season for many New Dragons paddlers, including veterans such as Elaine, Laura, Sebastian and Jean-Guy, many of whom had paddled with the New Dragons since its very beginning. Yet these and other paddlers would leave behind a love for the team that would quickly be adopted by a new generation of New Dragons paddlers.


Race Results – 2004 Season
Pickering Dragon Boat Challenge (May 2004)
Open Division Qualifier (500m) 2.18.26
University Cup Championship Final (500m) 2.16.38 (Second Place)
Open Division D Semi-Final (500m) 2.17.54
Open Division D Consolation Final (500m) 2.20.56 (Third Place)
Overall Standing 2nd Place, University Cup
45th Place, Open Division
Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival (June 2004)
Mixed Division Qualifier 1 (500m) 2:09.45
Mixed Division Qualifier 2 (500m) 2:12.27
Mixed Division D Final (500m) 2:14.45 (Fifth Place)
University Cup Championship Final (500m) 2:16.32 (Second Place)
Overall Standing 2nd Place, University Cup
23rd Place, Mixed Division
Montreal International Dragon Boat Race Festival
Mixed Division Qualifier 1 (500m) 2:22.71
Mixed Division Qualifier 2 (500m) 2:19.24
Premier Division Qualifier (500m) 2:18.80 (Fifth Place)
Premier Division F Final (500m) 2:17.18 (Third Place)
Overall Standing 6th Place, Student Division
45th Place, Mixed Division
Great White North Dragon Boat Challenge
Note: complete times will be posted when available
Best Time (500m) 2:14.08
Overall Standing 1st Place, University Cup