Meet New Dragons.

A Culture Of Connection

New Dragons is one of the top university team in Canada. It’s not easy for us to maintain our competitive edge. It means grinding day in and day out at the gym looking for a new personal record. It means pushing through grueling hours of training even when we think we have nothing left to give. It means juggling things like school, work, or our personal lives along with our responsibilities as members of New Dragons. We endure and we grow because we support each other, both inside and outside of training.

Competitive Yet Comfortable

We don’t slack when it comes to training and competition, but it doesn’t mean we’re always serious outside of that. We pride ourselves on maintaining a team environment that’s fun and lighthearted, where everybody can find comfort in the company of their fellow team members. We may do goofy things and generally just have a good time while we’re waiting for the races – but the moment we set foot in the boat, we’re there to win.

A Family Beyond The Racecourse

We put a lot of value on our community, and our relationships are not constrained to our races and the training sessions leading up to them.   We support each other both inside and outside of our sport, and that means spending time together, whether it’s heading out to grab food, studying together at the library, or just hanging out in general.  Every once in a while we have team-wide events where everybody on the team can come to have some fun and bond with the rest of the team.

A Place For Everyone

Our team roster usually consists of athletes from a variety of backgrounds.  We don’t restrict our selection to students from the University of Toronto, and we often have a number of members every year coming from outside the school to race with us.  Athletic background is also an aspect that has a high variance within the team – for that reason, we encourage beginners to try out for us, even if training is something completely new.  New Dragons is a team where everybody has the opportunity to grow and learn as an athlete, while developing lifelong bonds in an environment that is as welcoming as it is competitive.

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2023-2024 Executive Team

Benjamin Choi

Head Coach

Omar Fakhreddine

Assistant Coach

Azmain Momen


Liam Lambert


Haiyang Jiang

Training Director

Don Rej Bilan

Promotions Director

Jack Liu

Promotions Director

Tiffany Yang

Promotions Director

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