Interested In Trying Out?

Here's How You Can Start.

The Basics

Keep Up With Us

By joining the mailing list, following us at @newdragons, and joining our recruitment group, we’ll be able to notify you when we have important information for you.  You’ll stay updated on events like training slots, fitness testing, and other events that New Dragons holds throughout the year.

Training Slots

New Dragons will be hosting a group workout at the Queen’s Park every Saturday! We will also have training slots at the University of Toronto’s Athletic Centre/Goldring Centre throughout the Fall and Winter semesters, before we eventually move towards practice at the pool and on the lake. It is highly recommended to join our gym sessions to connect with the team and to train together!

Roster Selection

New Dragons will be selecting a roster sometime around March – to do so, we will be conducting a Fit Test, which will help us finalize the members of our team. However, we are also looking for active participation in our training slots and socials, because an improvement mindset and team bonding are just as important as working hard on the water! 

Training Slots

Training slots are run throughout the Fall and Winter semesters at the University of Toronto, and end when the roster is finalized.

The training slots are 1-2 hours long, and are composed of weight training followed by cardio. They are usually located at the Athletic Centre or Goldring Centre. 

Each training slot is run by veteran members of the team – regardless of your experience in the gym, our trainers will ensure that you can make the most out of your workout. 

On Saturday mornings, the team comes together to train, typically outdoors in Queen’s Park, if the weather allows it. Like regular training slots, our trainers will be waiting 10 minutes before the slot begins, but will instead be waiting at Queen’s Park in New Dragons gear.

We recommend joining us for Saturday practices as well as for at least one training slot during the rest of the week – this allows us to get to know you, and to keep up on your training and development.  Remember to talk to a trainer after each slot so we can record your attendance!

What If I Don't Study at the University of Toronto?

If you don’t study at the University of Toronto, then things are a bit different for you. The cost of membership at the Athletic Centre and distance from campus are both barriers for people studying at other universities. Understandably, you may not be able to attend many, if any of our training slots. However, we still want you to try out! Make sure to contact our Training Directors and let them know that you attend a different university – we’ll provide you with our recommended training regimen and ensure that you’re just as prepared for our fitness evaluations as anyone here on campus!

You can contact our Training Directors through the following email:

Fall 2023 Training Schedule

Our 2023 Training Schedule will come out soon! Stay updated by following us at @newdragons

Fit Test and Roster Selection

In order to track the progress and development of our recruits, we run fitness evaluations throughout the season. The Fit Tests assess various components, and is intended to provide an accurate representation of your general fitness level.

Later on in the season, tentatively around March, these Fit Tests will help us make decisions about our roster, which will be announced after finalization.

More details about our Fit Tests will be released during the season.  In the meantime, join our mailing list and make sure to come to our training slots when you can to best prepare for testing!