Want to Join the Team?

We accept and encourage new members throughout the fall semester leading up to the new season. If you are interested in learning more about the team before joining, we highly encourage you to visit our table at the clubs fair during Frosh Week.

A large part of team culture relates to our weekly practices. Feel free to come to any of our practices to train with us, and see if New Dragons is the right team for you. You can find a schedule in our training section.

What is dragon boat

Dragon Boat Racing is the oldest continually raced sport in the world, originating in the 4th century BC on China’s Mi Luo River. Imported to the West in the mid 1980’s, Dragon Boat Racing has since become the second most popular sport in the world captivating people both with its competitiveness and sense of community.


In a 40 foot long boat with a sculpted dragon head and tail, twenty men and women paddle in a synchronized rhythm to outlast their competitors. In addition to the adrenaline rush from the race, dragon boating also fosters a strong bond between teammates and other teams which is unmatched in any sport.


  • “I missed both information nights! What do I do?”
    – Send us an email or contact us through any social media and we’ll gladly send a summarized version of information covered during information night!
  • “I joined the mailing list but I’m not interested anymore. What do I do?”
    – Just send us an email requesting to be removed from the mailing list and your wish shall be granted.  But before you go, give us a chance by coming by one of our training sessions and let us try to convince you why you should stay.
    • Can I join if I’ve never worked out before?

– Definitely! The fantastic thing about our training sessions is that they can work for veteran gym go-ers, but can also be altered for anyone’s first time at the gym. Our training directors have worked night and day creating the best training schedule catered to dragon boating, and are well capable of adjusting any workout to fit the needs of the athlete. Plus, you’ll be able to learn how to work out effectively and meet friends to go to the gym with!

    • Do I need previous dragon boat experience?

– No experience is needed whatsoever. Many of our paddlers start their dragon boating experience with the New Dragons. Fun fact, our Yellow boat is mostly made up of first year paddlers!

    • Can I join if I’m not part of New College or U of T?

– Yes! Our team is quite diverse and spread out within and outside of the University of Toronto. With paddlers from the Faculty of Medicine to students from Western and Queens coming to paddle with us, everyone is welcome to join the New College New Dragons.

    • How does recruitment work?

– The recruitment season runs from September to February, when the new roster is decided. There are two mandatory fit tests held to help determine who makes the team; the first test in October and the second in January.

    • What is the commitment level?

– We’re looking for at least one weekday practice and the Saturday mandatory land practice. If you can’t make the Saturday, you can do two weekday sessions instead.

    • How long is the season?

– From the first day of training in September all the way to early-mid August, depending on the date of the final regatta. Dragon boat is a summer sport, so dry land training will take place until mid-late April when water practices begin.

    • How much does it cost?

– You’ll have to find out later in the year. However, New Dragons has one of the lowest expenses compared to our competitors.

    • Do I need to know how to swim?

– No. Some of our heaviest veterans don’t either, they just double on life jackets on rough days in the boat.

    • Why should I join New Dragons?

– We are one of the fastest teams in Canada and the world. Not only that, we are a diverse team that likes to have fun and eat lots of food!

For more information about the New Dragons, or be added to our mailing list, send us
an e-mail at newdragons@gmail.com!