Wanna try out? Here’s How

Step 1: Contact Information

We will need your email to send information about events, training sessions, and fitness testing. You can sign up for our mailing list in various ways:

A: Sign up at our tent/booth at the:
New College Block Party (Mon, Sept 3rd, 6-10pm)
UTSU Clubs Carnival (Wed, Sept 5th, 3-6pm)
New College + MoveU Sports Competition (Fri, Sept 7th, 1-3pm)
UTSU Street Festival (Wed, Sept 12th, 10am-3pm)

B: Sign up through one of our trainers at the training session you attend. (Schedule to be released).

C: Send a message to the New Dragons Facebook page

D: Email us at recruitment@newdragons.ca
*Please specify whether you are a non-UofT student or an experienced athlete.

Step 2: Information Night + Trial Paddling Practice

We will hold an information session in September to provide you with a general outline of the recruitment process and our team’s achievements and goals. You will get a chance to meet and speak with the vets and the executive members. While not mandatory, we highly recommend that you attend the session. We will also live-stream the session for those who cannot make it.
For those who have not paddled before and would like to give it a go (as well as experienced paddlers who would like to try paddling with New), there will be a trial practice in September. Come out and see what dragon boat is all about!

Step 3: Training

Training slot sessions:
Beginning late September, we will be holding training sessions in the Athletic Center of UofT. Multiple sessions are offered throughout the day to allow you to attend sessions that complement your schedule. Each session will run for 2 hours.

The sessions will be divided in the following manner:

– 1.5 hours will be spent in the weight room (SCC), where we will cycle through strength, hypertrophy and endurance as the months go on
– 0.5 hours will take place in the field house for cardio training

Saturday practices:
Starting September, we will hold Saturday morning practices. Workouts will be calisthenics and cardio-based, lasting approximately 1.5-2 hours. This is an opportunity to meet other recruits and vets.
As a bonus, the team often gets together to grab food and study after the workout!

For UofT students:
A minimum attendance of 2 training sessions per week
(1 training slot + 1 Saturday practice, or 2 training slots).

Attending our sessions is our most reliable method to safely and effectively improve your fitness. Past recruits who attended our sessions were always the strong candidates for the roster.
If you have concerns that you may not be able to manage this, do not hesitate to contact us.

For Non-UofT:
With the exception of pool practice (see step 4), your training attendance is not mandatory.

Non-UofT students interested in trying out, who are unavailable to train with us, will be contacted by our Training Directors. You will be provided our suggested training regimen to incorporate into your schedule so you can be a strong candidate for our 2019 roster.

For Experienced Athletes who have their own training program:
With the exception of pool practices (see Step 4), your training attendance is not mandatory. However, we recommend you attend a few of our training sessions so you can bond with the team and learn more about who we are and what we do. Additionally, we suggest that you speak to one of our Training Directors, who will help ensure your training program aligns with our goal in having you be a successful candidate for the 2019 roster.

Step 4: Fit Tests + Pool Practice

To be considered for the roster, you will complete two fitness tests.
The first test will take place in late October/early November, and the second will take place in late January/early February. If the thought of a fit test scares you, we will all be there to help you meet, and even surpass, your goals.

In addition to the fit tests, you will participate in a two paddling practices, with one in November and another in January, leading up to roster selection. These practices, which take place in the pool, will teach you the basic mechanics of a stroke, as well as help us gauge your potential in becoming a paddler.

Step 5: Roster Selection

After completion of the second fitness test, we will select the roster for the 2019 season. Those who make the roster will paddle as a member of New Dragons and compete for the legacy of the team. Although spots on this team are competitive, they are certainly attainable regardless of prior training or paddling experience.

Stay hungry, never settle.

See you around.