Fall 2019 Training Schedule

The training slots above are completed at the gym, and consist of 90 minutes of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio training.  We also have Saturday practices, which is generally circuit based and typically done outdoors in Queen’s Park.  We recommend attending at least two slots a week, preferably the Saturday practice and one other training slot throughout the week.  If you can’t make it to the Saturday practice, feel free to join us for another slot during the rest of the week instead!

How to Attend a Training Slot

For all non-Saturday training slots, we train at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre (55 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S 2W6).  You can access the building using the southern entrance on Classic Avenue.  If you are a University of Toronto student, your tuition covers entrance into the gym, but you will need your T-Card for access.  If you do not attend the University of Toronto, you will need to purchase a membership to the gym or purchase a day pass to enter the gym, which can be done at the service desks within the building.

Once you enter into the building, you will see the gates into the gym (if you entered through the southern entrance, it would be to your right).  Once you pass those gates (using your T-Card or pass), you will be in the corridor pictured above.  In the far end of the corridor is the entrance to the Strength and Conditioning Centre, the weight room of the Athletic Centre.  The blue doorway to the right leads to the stairwell.

Once you enter the stairwell through the blue doorway, you can go down the stairs to reach the changing rooms.  Day lockers are accessible there, so bring a lock to secure your items while you train!  Going up the stairs leads to the Field House, which houses a track, badminton/tennis courts, and cardio equipment, among other things.  It also leads to a room where our trainers will be waiting to meet with anyone attending their slot.

Going up the stairs, you’ll see the entrance of the Field House to the right, and the meeting location for our training slots to the left.

Our trainers for each slot will be waiting here in this room from 10 minutes before the slot begins, up until 10 minutes after their slot is set to begin.  After that, the group will head up to the field house to do a quick warm-up, and then proceed to the Strength and Conditioning Centre downstairs.  If you’re late, you can find our trainers either in the Field House, or in the Strength and Condition Centre.

How to Attend Saturday Practices

For Saturday practices, we meet in Wetmore Hall, which is found directly across from the southern entrance to the Athletic Centre.  We depart from Wetmore Hall at 10:00 AM sharp, and we will start gathering at around 9:45 AM.  Typically we go to Queen’s Park, but this can change depending on weather and other constraints.  Remember to join our Facebook recruitment group for announcements and changes to our Saturday practice plans!