Fall 2020 Training Schedule

(Fall 2021 Training Schedule TBA)

The training slots above are completed online over Zoom, with the exception of slots highlighted in yellow, which take place in Queen’s Park. The training slots consist of 90 minutes of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio training.  We also have Saturday practices, which is generally circuit based and typically done outdoors in Queen’s Park.  We recommend attending at least two slots a week, preferably the Saturday practice and one other training slot throughout the week.  If you can’t make it to the Saturday practice, feel free to join us for another slot during the rest of the week instead!

How to Attend a Training Slot

The Zoom links and the passwords for each online training slot will be posted to the Facebook recruitment group by the trainer(s) ten minutes before the slot is scheduled to begin. Make sure you are in an area with enough space to be able to both jump and lie flat on the ground. Trainers will be wearing New Dragons gear so you will recognize who they are!

How to Attend Saturday Practices

For Saturday practices and in-person training slots, we meet at Queen’s Park ten minutes before practice is scheduled to begin. On Saturdays, this is at 9:50AM. Look for our trainers in New Dragons gear, but please keep in mind that physical distancing of 2 metres must be observed and masks must be worn while arriving/leaving.  Remember to join our Facebook recruitment group for announcements and changes to our Saturday practice plans!