During the off-season for recruits (September – January), the recommended minimum commitment is 2 practices per week*: one weekday training slot and one Saturday practice, or two weekday training slots.

*Although attending 2 slots a week is not mandatory, it is the most effective way to ensure a spot on the roster and is therefore highly recommended. .

Training slot sessions: Beginning late September, we will be holding training sessions in the Athletic Center of UofT. Multiple sessions are offered throughout the day to allow you to attend sessions that complement your schedule. Each session will run for 2 hours. The sessions will be divided in the following manner:

1.5 hours will be spent in the weight room (SCC), where we will cycle through strength, hypertrophy and endurance as the months go on.

0.5 hours will take place in the field house for cardio training.

*please be changed and ready to go at the designated time. Burpee policy in effect for late-comers

Saturday practices: Starting September, we will hold Saturday morning practices. Workouts will be calisthenics and cardio-based, lasting approximately 1.5-2 hours. This is an opportunity to meet other recruits and vets. As a bonus, the team often gets together to grab food and study after the workout!

For non-UofT students and experienced athletes completing their own training regimen, please contact our training directors at to ensure your training matches our requirements to best prepare you for testing!

Fall 2018 Training Schedule at Athletic Center 


On water practice begins at April and is held at Sunny Side Paddling Club. In the past 3 years, New Dragons has grown to have 2 boats, allowing ample opportunity for every member of the team to practice on water. For reference, 3 water practices and an outrigger canoe (OC) training session were held each week in the past (2018) season. New Dragons trains at the competitive level. Our training programs ensure that everyone has a great learning experience and develop proper techniques for dragon boating as an individual, and a team.

For more than 10 years New Dragons have been proud to call Sunnyside Paddling Club (SPC) its home. With the completion of each subsequent season, New College has grown substantially to represent SPC at various levels of competition spanning from local, to the national and international stage.