The 2006 season was a season filled with breakthroughs and significant accomplishments. Armed with the leadership of Jeff and Justin, consistent professional coaching by Donald (a first for any New Dragons team), and a core of dedicated veterans bolstered by a group of eager rookies, the 2006 crew broke new ground at every festival they attended, rising through the ranks to be come the top ranked University based team in Ontario, and arguably, in Canada. The list of accomplishments included taking University Cups at two major international festivals (Toronto Island and Montreal), a feat accomplished by no other University team this season. Complementing this was a consistent string of top 10 finishes at all festivals attended. Perhaps the most unique moment of the season came with the Community Races at the IDBF Club Crew World Championships held in Toronto. By participating in this event, the 2006 New Dragons became one of the first teams in Canada, to race at a night festival. Not only did they participate, the team managed to win the event, placing first overall at this festival, capping off a season of unprecedented success.

2006 Season Wrap-Up Video

Check out this video made by one of the team members to wrap up our amazing 2006 season!

Race Results – 2006 Season
Pickering Dragon Boat Challenge (June 3rd, 2006)
University Division Qualifier (500m) 2:13.32
University Cup Championship Final (500m) 2:10.86 (Third Place)
Recreation Division A Semi-Final (500m) 2:14.51
Recreation Division A Championship Final (500m) 2:13.03 (Second Place)
Overall Standing 3 of 11, University Division
2 of 42, Recreation Division
Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival (June 24-25th, 2006)
Premier Mixed Division Qualifier 1 (500m) 2:12.75
Premier Mixed Division Qualifier 2 (500m) 2:11.77
University Cup Championship Final (500m) 2:11.34 (First Place)
Premier Mixed Division B Final (500m) 2:13.08 (Second Place)
Overall Standing 1 of 16, University Division
8 of 122, Mixed Division
Kiwanis Dragon Boat Festival of Waterloo Region (July 15th, 2006)
University Division Qualifier 1 (500m) 2:07.00
University Division Qualifier 1 (500m) 2:15.01
University Division Final (500m) 2:12.29 (Second Place)
Grand Championship Final (500m) 2:14.05 (Fifth Place)
Overall Standing 2 of 9, University Division
5 of 6, Grand Championship
Fastest time of regatta
Montreal International Dragon Boat Race Festival (July 22-23rd, 2006)
Open Mixed Division Qualifier 1 (500m) 2:12.26
Open Mixed Division Qualifier 2 (500m) 2:14.12
Premier Mixed B Division Semi-Final (500m) 2:13.14 (First Place)
Premier Mixed B Division Final (500m) 2:10.12 (Second Place)
Overall Standing 1 of 6(?), School Division
8 of 122, Mixed Division
Placed “Best of the best” (6 fastest race times of finals)
IDBF Club Crew World Championship Community Race (August 11th, 2006)
Mixed Division Qualifier (500m) 2:05.77
Mixed A Division Semi-Final (500m) 2:07.66 (First Place)
Mixed A Division Final (500m) 2:05.65 (First Place)
Overall Standing 1 of 25, Mixed Division
ATI Dragon Boat Festival (August 19, 2006)
Note: participation by the New Dragons Alumni team
Mixed Division Qualifier (250m) 1:00.22
Mixed A Division Semi-Final (250m) 1:02.80 (First Place)
Mixed A Division Final (250m) 1:00.35 (First Place)
Overall Standing 1 of 36, Mixed Division