Previous Captain’s Testimonials

At the core of dragon boat is an indisputable sense of team. On the boat, you are only one of twenty-two people trying to achieve the same goal, yet there is no doubt that you are crucial to the team’s success. Each race lasts for only fifty seconds, two minutes, or nine minutes, but the fight to bring those numbers down is a journey that begins months, and even years, before the big day.

On New Dragons, you will be one of fifty people pursuing a legacy of greatness, and you will be anything but alone. This is where people will guide, push, and expect the best from you, in all areas of life. This is where you will do the same for yourself. In first year, I found a family here in a campus of 60,000.

Today, I invite you into our home.
Ellissa Huang
Captain (2018-2019)
The 2017-2018 season marked New Dragons' return to CCWC since 2012. It was a completely new team, but with the same passion and drive from seasons past. One of the old captains used to say it was what we did in the dark that put us in the light, and we couldn't have done it without the dedication of our phenomenal Coach Ben and the hard work from every single member of the roster. We bonded through rough practices and helped each other grow and develop as paddlers and as people.

Every member of the roster came back from Hungary as a different person, moulded by the challenge and thrill of the competition into someone tougher and more resilient than before. There's no doubt that there were emotional and physical periods that really shut us down, but we had the support of 53 people - and we came back stronger and better. That's what we were taught, and that's how we will continue.

Honour. Focus. Engage.
Stephanie Tang
Stephanie Tang
Captain (2017-2018)