Who Are We?

Welcome to the home of the University of Toronto New College New Dragons.

Based out of New College at the University of Toronto, New Dragons is currently one of the fastest University teams in Canada and the world. We hold the distinction of being two time world champions in the Under-24 division!

Our goal is to promote physical activity and literacy, a healthy lifestyle, and awareness of the sport of dragon boat to the New College and University of Toronto community.

Through our specialized training regimen, we strive to increase the physical fitness and paddling ability of our athletes. This unwavering commitment to both our sport and academics makes us well rounded student-athletes, which is what distinguishes us from other teams. It also enables us to be among the best university teams at both the national and international level year after year.

Meet some members of our team

Why some our newest vets joined our team
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Melanie Tran

Pacer and Rockets
“I joined New Dragons to meet new people to workout with, but ended up loving dragon boat and everyone on the team!!!!”
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Timothy Mack

Engine Room
“I joined out of curiosity in the beginning after a friend recommended it. (no idea of the sport)

This decision became one of the best I’ve made as I look back! The people you meet are both amazing and dedicated but also become more than a team…

They become family”
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Joy Wu

“I joined because it looked fun, and I wanted to be a part of such an incredible community.

Going to nationals with this team has been such a great experience. It’s just something you can’t forget”
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Shankar Krishna

“I joined New Dragons because I wanted to be part of a team, train like an athlete and enjoy doing it.

Being part of New Dragons helped me push my limits and realize that the body can achieve what the mind believes”


What some of our vets have to say:
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